Group Members

Jasmin Jelovica, PhD, P.Eng.

Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator

NSERC/Seaspan Industrial Research Chair

Short Bio and Research Agenda: I obtained my M.Sc from University of Rijeka, Croatia, and D.Sc. from Aalto University, Finland. I joined UBC as Assistant Professor in 2017, where I hold NSERC/Seaspan Industrial Research Chair since 2020. My interests focus on modeling response and failure of advanced structures. This involves a range of modeling approaches that I am advancing with my research group: shear-deformable beams and plates, swarm and evolutionary optimization, topology optimization, and data-driven physics-informed models. Crucial part of drive for high-quality structures is manufacturing; this is where our research on new low-heat-input welding techniques come in.

Mohammad M. Keleshteri

Postdoctoral research fellow

PhD: University of British Columbia

Research: Vibroacoustics of porous and architected materials


Hossein Bisheh

NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

PhD: University of Manitoba

Research: Vibrations of natural fiber composites


Alireza Babaee

PhD Candidate

M.Sc.: Amirkabir University

Research: Thermoelasticity of functionally graded plates subjected to low-temperature thermal shocks


Reza Karimi

PhD Candidate, co-supervised by Dr. S-H. Wang

M.Sc.: Isfahan University of Technology

Research: Weld cladding using Cold Metal Transfer process


Yuecheng Cai

PhD Student

MASc: University of British Columbia

Research: Deep learning for structural reduced order models


Mostafa Jahangiri

PhD Student

M.Sc.: Sharif University

Research: Architected materials for suppression of structural vibrations and noise


Siddharth Rout

PhD Student, co-supervised by Dr. R.K. Jaiman

M.Sc.: IIT Madras

Research: Shape and topology optimization of ship panels and propellers for suppression of underwater noise


Jason Yan

PhD Student

MASc: University of British Columbia

Research: Deep learning for topology optimization of multifunctional structures


Narges Mokhtari

MASc student

BSc: Amirkabir University

Research: Deep transfer learning for structural optimization


Dr. Rajeev K. Jaiman, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UBC

Dr. Sheng-Hui Wang, Senior Research Scientist, National Research Council of Canada

Dr. Mihkel Kõrgesaar, Assistant Professor, Tallinn University of Technology

Graduated students and former members

Wrik Mallik

Postdoctoral research fellow, currently Lecturer at University of Glasgow

Ph.D.: Virginia Tech

Research: Deep learning models for underwater radiated noise prediction

Mohammad M. Keleshteri

PhD candidate

MSc: Amirkabir University

Research: Nonlinear vibrations of porous structures


Faezeh Samanipour

MASc Student

B.Tech: Sharif University

Research: Constraint handling in multi-objective evolutionary algorithm

Faegheh Farbod

MASc Student

B.Sc.: Isfahan University of Technology

Research: Material characterization of E36 steel subjected to cryogenic temperature shocks

Yuecheng Cai

MASc Student

M.Eng.: University of British Columbia

B.Sc.: Harbin Institute of Technology

Research: Machine learning for constraint handling in structural optimization

Jason Yan

MASc Student

B.Sc.: University of British Columbia

Research: Topology optimization of sandwich panel joints


Visiting PhD students

  • Qilong Xia

BASc and MEng students:

  • Chris Kelly (BASc student, UBC Materials Engineering)
  • Bedir Goybulak (BASc student, UBC Mechanical Engineering)
  • Visal Katamaneni (MEng student, UBC Mechanical Engineering)
  • Joe Zhang
  • Bobsy Narayan
  • Jeff Yoon
  • Jasbir Singh
  • Harshdeep Reen
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Minh Duc Ha
  • Yaxi Xiao
  • Chinmay Singh
  • Lucas Braga