Structural vibrations in engine room of a ship

Our graduate students participated in vibration and noise measurements in engine room of a science vessel. Thank you Yuecheng, Jason and Mostafa for your help.

Analytical assessment of nonlinear forced vibration of functionally graded porous beams

Our recent paper published in Composite Structures journal (

Stress-based topology optimization of sandwich panel’s joints

Our recent paper in OMAE 2022 conference presents topology optimization of joints for prismatic sandwich panels. Stress is minimized for a range of material volume fractions. In comparison to conventional joint, maximum von Mises stress is reduced 2-3 times for a few loading scenarios.

Neural network-assisted constraint handling in evolutionary optimization algorithms

One of our research topics is on improving the performance of evolutionary (and swarm) optimization algorithms – here we propose a method to make them more efficient when dealing with complex structural problems.

Group dinner

Our long awaited group dinner finally happened on December 17, 2021.

Mechanics of multifunctional panels and materials

We work on modeling vibrations and buckling of orthotropic and anisotropic beams and plates. Structures in focus include prismatic sandwich panels, functionally graded solids, functionally graded porous materials and stiffened panels. Beside mechanical loads, we are modeling the effects of thermal loads that arise as a result of sudden temperature changes.